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Dumb & Dumber's Noble Story Falls Apart

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(Sözcü Newspaper, 14 May 2018)
Antalya'da 500 Bin TL haberi yalan çıktı
"In  the picture the money we're holding is real but the
money in the suitcase we printed from the internet." (!)

"Yalancıların mumu yatsıya kadar yandı" (A liar's candle only
burns till bedtime/A lie has only a short life).  Mehmet A. and
Ercan Ş. worked as butchers in a shopping center in the Ova
neighborhood of Kaş district, Antalya.  On 6 May the two were
fired for disciplinary reasons.

In an effort to find new jobs the pair came up with a scenario,
according to which, the day before yesterday they picked up an
elderly couple hitchhiking and brought them to Kaş. The elderly
couple, who said they owned a hotel, left their suitcase in the
pair's car.  Mehmet and Ercan found the suitcase and, since the
couple had given them their business card, they were able to
return the suitcase to them.  The elderly couple thanked them
and showed them the 500,000 TL (about $125,000) that was in
the suitcase, giving the heroes 10,000 TL as a reward.

Shortly afterwards, though, it came to light that their story was
a lie.  Through the story they were trying to give potential
employers the impression that they were "trustworthy" and
deserving of jobs.  Their former boss at the shopping center,
Veli Özdemir, opined that "while they were supposed to be
working instead they were fooling with their telephones.  That's
why I fired them.   So I was suspicious of their story and then I
learned that it was a lie."

Responding to reporters queries, Ercan Ş. said that "we made
up the lie to attract attention, thinking that we might be able
to land a job that way.  We apologize to everyone."

dumb and dumber ile ilgili görsel sonucu
Be careful when choosing your role model.

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