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Conveyance of the Lamb

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 22 May 2018)

Felçli kuzuya yürüteç yaptı
                   Now it can get there from here.

Hasan Kızıl (23) lives in Derik district of Mardin province and
is known around town as the "life repairman".  This time, Kızıl
has made a vehicle so a lamb born without the use of its two
hind legs can get around.

Up to now, using his own resources and working in his village
of Boyaklı, Kızıl has made walkers and prosthetics for 300
animals.  President Erdoğan had already presented Kızıl with the
"International Kindness" award given by the Turkey Religious
Foundation, before Kızıl put together his latest masterpiece
for the crippled lamb.

felçli kuzuya yürüteç yaptı hasan kızıl ile ilgili görsel sonucu
All the kids (and other lambs) are jealous of the 
Hot Wheels.

Kızıl related that Rüzgar Sakin, who lives in the same village,
called him about the lamb when it was born: "He didn't want
to butcher the lamb so he asked if I could help.  When I went
to get the lamb's measurements I saw that as all the other lambs
ran to their mothers, this one was stranded.  Since I made the
walker for the lamb it can now go to its mother, too. I was
very gratified by this.  I'll try to help all the handicapped
in Turkey.  Right now, I'm working day and night in this regard
and sometimes till the morning light." 

mardin haritası ile ilgili görsel sonucu

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