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Possible Roman Military Outpost's Ruins Found in Eastern Anatolia

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 26 May 2018)

Bayburtta arkeolojik alan tespit edildi
        Another brick in the archeological wall.

Five kilometers from Yeniköy village, near the center of Bayburt
province, ruins have been found that date back thousands of years.
Bayburt University Prof. Dr. Süleyman Çiğdem stated that the
ruins in question cover 5 hectares (5 x 2.5 = 12.5 acres) and
resemble those at the Satala Antique City in nearby Gümüşhane,
where there was a Roman Empire military garrison.

roman empire anatolia map ile ilgili görsel sonucu
The eastern extent of the Roman Empire is where Bayburt
and Gümüşhane are located today.

Prof. Çiğdem explained that he is especially interested in the wall
at the northwest portion of the area because "the wall is made of
rubble and stones, without mortar, and is about 15 meters long and
about 3 meters thick, which indicates that it was a defensive structure.
Normally, fortress walls are thicker than 1 meter, but a 3-meter thick
wall indicates that this was a very important defensive position."

According to Prof. Çiğdem, no archeological evidence has yet
been found that would pinpoint the date of the ruins but he
noted that "we know that walls were built in this region without
mortar as of the Early Iron Age (after about 500 B.C.). There is
a road from Roman times along the Saruhan Fortress-Alavu Düzü-
Otlukbeli route and these ruins may be related. Time and further
studies will tell us."

gümüşhane bayburt haritası ile ilgili görsel sonucu
Satala is located near Kelkit, south of Gümüşhane. The 
newly-found ruins are near Bayburt, as are those at
Saruhan Fortress, Alavu Düzü and Otlubeli.

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