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"Lovers Rectangle" in Theaters Soon

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 25 May 2018)

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And you wondered where all those ridiculous romantic
comedy movie plots come from...

B.G (34), who lives in Sincan, Ankara, learned that her
husband of 13 years, M.D. (36), was having an affair with
S.A. (30), the married mother of one child, who lives in
Nazilli, Aydın province.  When B.G. checked her husband's
cellphone and found pictures of M.D. and S.A. together in
Nazilli, she was certain. 

So B.G. searched social media, contacted S.A.'s husband
A.A. (33) and sent the photos to him, too.  Once again, B.G.
checked M.D.'s cellphone and found Whatsapp conversations
revealing that M.D. and S.A. planned to meet again.  She
informed A.A., who advised his wife's family that she was
having an affair.  The family came and took the couple's
daughter to their home.

Meanwhile, A.A. hatched a plan, telling his friends about
the situation, and he waited for M.D. to show up.  A.A. saw
that M.D. had come from Ankara and was waiting on the
street for A.A. to leave his house.  A.A. then left as if he
was going somewhere and M.D. started to enter the

However, M.D. noticed A.A. laying in wait and tried to
flee.  A scuffle between the two, joined by A.A.'s friends,
ensued but M.D. got away from them and headed for the
garden of a nearby school.   M.D. got snagged on the school's
fence, though, and a teacher called the police, who arrived
to rescue M.D. from his predicament.

In the course of all this, B.G. and M.D. got divorced.

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