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"I Have to Take This Call. You Keep on Shooting"

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 24 May 2018)

azmettirici olan dayı tutuklandı recep ile ilgili görsel sonucu
   "Make it a large and hold the pepperoni."

In Ümraniye, Istanbul, police set out to capture the killer of
Ramazan and Suzan Sarı in front of a hospital.  Looking at
the videos that reflected the murder, police determined that
the person standing next to murder suspect Feyyaz Elik was
his uncle Recep S., who was talking on his cellphone. (!)

After the murder, Feyyaz Elik and Recep S. left the scene
together.  Subsequently, Recep S. was taken into custody
on Bağcı Street in the Çakmak neighborhood of Ümraniye.
In his statement, Recep S. explained that "I went with my
nephew to the hospital where his wife was getting treatment.
As we were walking, I was talking on the phone and then
all of a sudden he quickened his pace and started firing.
I was bewildered.  My nephew fled and I went to my
older sister's house to find out what happened."

recep s feyyaz elik ümraniye ile ilgili görsel sonucu
Certainly has that innocent, choir boy look about him.

Recep S.claimed that during the murder he was
talking on the phone with his older sister, who was with
Feyyaz Elik's wife.  Nevertheless, Recep S. was charged
with "participation in a premeditated murder."  Feyyaz
Elik remains at large.

Last September, during a clash between vehicular service
providers in Ümraniye, Feyyaz Elik's brother Cüneyt Elik
was killed.  Police think that the Sarı couple was murdered
as revenge for Cüneyt's murder.

ümraniye haritası ile ilgili görsel sonucu
             Ümraniye district of Istanbul

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