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Fries With Catsup Nearly Costs an Eye

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(Sözcü Newspaper, 1 May 2018)
‘Patatesi değiştir’ dedi garson bıçağı yüzüne fırlattı
After and before: that's not catsup under her eye.

Last year in November in Antalya, Iranian Masoumeh Bahamin
went to a restaurant in Muratpaşa with her friend Ahmet Önen. 
Bahamin ordered köfte and french fries and made sure to say that
she wanted the fries to be hot and without catsup.  When the fries
arrived cold and with catsup (!), Bahamin asked that hot, catsup-free
fries be brought instead, as she had requested.

The waiter, though, responded by saying "Eat it or get out of here!"
An argument ensued and as Bahamim and Önen were leaving the
restaurant Bahamim heard the curses hurled at her by the waiter.
She turned around and was hit below her left eye by a knife the
waiter hurled at her.

Nevertheless, although 5 months have passed, the incident is still
in the "investigative period", as far as the police are concerned.
Bahamin lamented that "I just about lost my eye but the person who
did this wasn't arrested.  I'm still under treatment.  I want justice to
find its rightful place."

catsup french fries ile ilgili görsel sonucu
             It doesn't have to be this way.

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