28 Mayıs 2018 Pazartesi

TNT History Archives: A Turkish POW's Adventures in Revolutionary Russia (1916-1922)

//Ed. note: In the upcoming weeks and months TNT will be 
scrubbing its archives for unique historical material to present
to readers.  

Herewith the first installment - the remarkable story of Tahir 
Baykal, a Turkish soldier captured by the Russians at Erzurum 
in 1916 during World War I.  Baykal, spent his first years in 
Russia in POW camps, eventually escaping from one near Lake
Baykal in Siberia (from whence he took his surname years later.)

Subsequently, Baykal fled east and they west along the Trans-
Siberian Railroad, with a detour through Harbin, China, as the 
Russian Revolution roiled around him.  A few years in Moscow
prisons followed before his return to Turkey, where he was 
obliged to soldier on in the Turkish War of Independence.//

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