20 Mayıs 2018 Pazar

Invasion of the Giant Squids!

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 20 May 2018)

Kuşadası kalamarı
              Can giant shrimps be far behind?

Diver Cumhur Gedikoğlu found a dead squid underwater near
the shore in Kuşadası, Aydın province.   Gedikoğlu brought the
creature to shore and informed the Ecosystems Protection and
Nature-Lovers Association (EKODOSD).  EKODOSD experts
took detailed photographs and measurements of the 1.45-meter
squid, which weighed 8 kilograms.

The squid was identified as being of the 'todarades sagittatus' type
and may have come from the Red Sea because of the effects of
global warming.  These giant squids are quite valuable for their
heads and extensions, and are a mainstay in fish restaurants. 
The squid may have died giving birth.

EKODOSD chief Bahattin Sürücü explained that "because of
global climate change, in recent years a lot of foreign species
have been found in our waters.  Most of them have come here
from the Red Sea via the Suez Canal.  Some others have come
through the natural canal that is the Strait of Gibralter, attached
to ships that ply international waters.

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