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Turkmenistan Money Exchange Exposes Swindlers

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 29 May 2018)

ishak yorgo ankara ile ilgili görsel sonucu
Turkmenbaşi must be turning over in his grave...
because he didn't get a cut of the take. That's him
peeking over the top.

In Ankara, an interesting scam involving three policemen
has come to light.  An Istanbul businessman wanted to change
1.5 million Turkmenistan Manats (about 2 million TL and
$500,000) so, based on a friend's suggestion, he contacted
"İshak Yorgo".

The businessman came to Ankara and was met by "İshak
Yorgo" in a luxury car and taken to a currency exchange
office. But the Turkmen money was taken away by two
individuals who never returned.  The businessman was
then approached by 3 policemen who told him to steer
clear of "İshak Yorgo". 

The businessman, suspecting fraud, went to the police
station and filed a complaint.  Police determined that
"İshak Yorgo" was, in fact, Harun U., who took the money
and went to Antalya's Kemer district to party at a hotel,
where he was arrested.  Harun U.'s cohorts turned out to
be policemen Ö.Ö., M.K. and S.A. of the Çankara, Ankara,
police station.

The arrested policemen claimed that Harun U. had duped
them by claiming to be a member of Turkish Intelligence
(MİT) and working in the Presidency, showing them photos
of himself at those places to prove his bonafides.  Despite
these alibis, Judge Sezer Söylemez ordered the policemen
jailed for fraud and sent to the Sincan prison.

turkmenistan turkey map ile ilgili görsel sonucu
    Where the heck is Turkmenistan anyway?

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